Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seasons Reveal God's Plan

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we have seasons? I don't mean scientifically, as in the rains bringing water upon the earth after hot sun to grow plants and stuff. I mean with relation to God - why did He choose to make seasons that repeat themselves, each one different from the other?

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I hadn't until just yesterday, and since then I can't stop wondering! The theory I've come up with is this: God wanted to show us what eternity will be like after we leave this life. Now, let me just stop for a moment and say that this is a double-edged sword; just as it is sunny and rosy, it is also dark and cold.

Depending on your response to God's offer of salvation, you can experience the seasons in one of two ways: a season of cold winter and then the breaking of the sun to bring the beauty of the spring, or a season of warm sun that gives way to the darkness that autumn brings. If you love Jesus and have given your life to Him, you will experience trials in this life (a season of winter) but when He returns to bring His Kingdom to earth, you will live forever in the light of His glory (the season of spring). However, if you reject Jesus as Savior, you may experience happiness in this life (a season of summer) but live forever apart from His love (the season of winter).

What a fantastic and creative way for us to experience and understand His plan! Each year as fall and winter approach, it always seems exciting. Summer has been warm here in Oregon, so the thought of cooler air and snuggling into my warm bed at night always sounds appealing. But when it comes the darkness takes over, making the skies gray for months on end. I hear people complaining about how depressing it is, especially when the rain starts falling. Day in and day out, we awake to gloominess and wonder when this will ever end. Just when it seems like we can't take it any more, in comes the spring! The flowers! The vibrant colors! And most importantly, the warm sun! It's so incredible to wake up to the sun in the morning, feel its rays on my run, and hear the birds singing love songs.  The darkness of the months previous seem to slip from memory because the beauty of spring makes it all worth it.

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Isn't this a beautiful picture of God's salvation? Don't you think God wanted us to have a taste of His goodness so that we might want to spend eternity with Him? Can you think of a better way to comprehend the wisdom of God's plan for His beloved?

I think this is going to change the way I live my life - at least the way I interact with the weather. When it's cold outside, I'm going to remember that it is temporary and spring will come in its due time; it always does, without fail. God does that. When it's warm and I'm celebrating the joy of being outside, I'm going to consider how much greater Heaven will be, but be thankful that God has given me even a hint of it in this life. He didn't have to, but He chose to. Because that's who God is.


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