Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week 2012: Maundy Thursday

Before His last meal, Jesus washed the disciples' feet.

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If the previous image was not enough, Jesus continued to shatter our expectations when He washed the feet of the men He claimed to be saving. One of the dirtiest and lowest of duties, washing feet, was what Jesus said He came to do. This man who professed to be the Son of God, who healed the sick and lame, who a few days earlier had driven money changers out of the temple, and who had proclaimed to be the only way to salvation, was now doing the unthinkable. If I were there, I would speechless; I wouldn't know what to say. What can you say when the leader you've been following begins to serve you in the lowest possible manner? Suddenly I find myself identifying with Peter, who initially refused to let Jesus wash His feet...

At the peak of His ministry Jesus predicted His death.

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While still stunned, I'm certain, Jesus finished washing feet and then served bread and wine to His disciples, saying this represented His own death. What!? Then He instructed them to eat the bread which represented His flesh and drink the wine which symbolized His blood because He would soon die. Surely this sent everyone into a panic. How could this King save His people from the grave? What good would He be as Messiah if He were killed? This definitely made for an unforgettable meal. Before any answers could be found, however, Jesus was arrested and an unfair (and illegal) trial was held to quickly sentence Him.

(To be continued on Good Friday...)


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