Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Week 2012: Good Friday

(...continued from Maundy Thursday.)

Then He died.

Slow and painful, unforgettable, and humiliating was His death. Full of ridicule and scorn, this leader was being killed on a cross - a death reserved for the worst of offenders. There He was, hanging on a tree between two other known criminals, yet undeserving of His own punishment. The culmination of everything known about Jesus was dripping away from His body like blood to the ground.

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Just like that, He was no longer alive. There are few things I've encountered in my life that have completely baffled me to the point where my brain literally freezes because it simply cannot comprehend what has happened. This would surely have been that kind of experience. The man who was convicted of blasphemy for claiming to be God was now killed. End of story. No doubt the religious leaders were smugly satisfied at this, but those who considered Jesus to actually be the Messiah must have been totally stumped. What answer can you give to make sense of this? I would have wanted to see it for myself, to witness with my own eyes whether or not it was true. Upon seeing the tortured and naked, maimed and lifeless body of Jesus, I'm sure I would have doubted. How do you reconcile Christ's Kingship with His death? I guess maybe He wasn't the Messiah. He sure could've been, though. Even on the cross, dying, He was selflessly thinking of others - forgiving them and continuing to speak with love. But now that He's dead, that settles it.

(To be continued on Easter Sunday...)


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