Saturday, January 14, 2012

Risking It All Again For Love

I attended a wedding this afternoon at my church that was a bit unusual. It was not the first marriage for either the bride or the groom. Both of them had recently lost their spouses to cancer after many long years of battling the terrible disease. They had been faithful, Christian marriages that put Jesus first, even until the very end.
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And today, they did it all over again. With each other. The ceremony was short and meaningful - every moment was planned and purposeful. In fact, it was more of a worship service but still had the trappings of a traditional wedding. The bride and groom made it a point to make the focus of their wedding on the beauty and grace of God within the Christian marriage. Their message was clear: as they stood together in front of our pastor, they were both looking to Christ and worshiping Him.

The piece I thought was the most incredible was that after having both been devastated by the loss of their spouses, here they were risking it all again for love. The pain and grief of loss can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. Yet, as much as I'm sure they both suffered, today all that pain seemed to be gone. It was but a mere memory - real, but distant. The looks on their faces were that of pure joy.

These two children of God celebrated His redemption in their lives. They didn't seem to be afraid of their grief or to love again because they know God. They know that He is worth the risk and that His love is so much greater than all their pain. I imagine that they experienced firsthand how God was there for them and walked with them through their darkest days. And now, today, they celebrated the purpose God had for that darkness.

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To witness this brother and sister love Jesus like they did today, I gained a greater confidence and love for Him myself. If they could go through what they have and still be willing to risk it all for His love together, then He must be worth it. It makes me want to pursue Him with greater passion and zeal so that one day I can experience that kind of closeness with my Savior.


Randolph Koch said...

Nice job Aaron. Thanks for sharing this. Well done. Didn't know their wedding was today. I'm very happy for them and the Lord will be glorified through their marriage!

Aaron said...

Thanks, Randy!

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