Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Ten Years Later

There were several shocking things that resulted from the 9/11 attacks ten years ago. Many innocent lives were suddenly cut short. The country was struck with fear as a target on its back was realized. We discovered that we're not as invincible as we thought.

While these are all terrible and all true, underlying them is an even more profound reality that still endures ten years later. After 9/11, America became obsessed with safety and security. International borders, flights, and travelers were inspected more carefully while laws and regulations were revised and rewritten to provide a level of security that would allow us to enjoy the kind of freedom the country was founded upon. The problem, however, was that our hope was put in the wrong place.

Ten years later, we may be more aware of our target and thus more secure, but we're still vulnerable.
Ten years later, we may be smarter about catching terrorists before they attack, but we're still fallible.
Ten years later, we may be more mobilized to deal with an attack, but we're still limited.
Ten years later, we may be more devoted to military intelligence, but we're still just guessing.
Ten years later, we may be more prepared for war, but we're still susceptible to death.
Ten years later, we may be more unified as a country, but we're still heavily divided.
Ten years later, we may be more proud to be Americans, but we're still prone to arrogance.
Ten years later, we may be less fearful of the power of our enemies, but we're still powerless.
Ten years later, we may be more hopeful for our future, but we're still degenerating.
Ten years later, we may have more faith in the strength of our nation, but we still have weakness.

The reality is that apart from Christ, we are dead. Hopeless. Guilty. Destined for destruction. There is nothing we can do, as individuals or as a people, to save ourselves. Nothing can secure our hearts and our destinies apart from Him. Ten years later, we still need Christ.

As long as we live and put our trust in government, military, economy, or anything else except God, we will never experience the peace and safety we long for ten years after 9/11. May the next ten years and many more decades to come mark a turning back in repentance toward the faith of our founding fathers, which was grounded in the only thing that truly saves - the Gospel of Jesus.


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