Monday, May 2, 2011

How to think about Osama bin Laden's death

Osama bin Laden was claimed for dead by President Obama last night, and the killing was not accidental. Since watching the news broadcasts about it, I've been wrestling quite a bit with how I as a Christian should respond from a biblical perspective. Thankfully, God has used some of my favorite bloggers and writers to speak on this and give me some guidance. I found these especially helpful, and I hope you do, too:

Update: Here's another article from Christianity Today which reminds us we're caught between the City of God and City of Man. Thanks for posting this, Lydia!


    ellentopness said...

    I appreciate all your blog entries (just read some and as always, think they are right on, I taught you well!). This one is pertinent because I have been struggling with how to feel. I don't really want to rejoice when anyone dies, except for the idea that they are going to be in heaven. Since I don't know about Osama, except to think maybe he won't be, I should be mourning, I think....However, I do think the world is better off without him. And yet, who am I to even say this?

    Aaron said...

    Thanks, Ellen. I, too, wrestled with how to feel about this as did many of my friends on Facebook. I knew the world would be reacting to it and wanted to be prepared for when someone would open the topic. I'm glad I did because that happened a few times this week!

    Anyway, I think we can see from his life that it bore no fruit for Christ. Only God knows his heart and his destination now, which is a reminder for us about the urgency of the Gospel message for the rest of the world!

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