Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday

A friend recently posted a conversation he had with his wife about Holy Saturday - the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in which Christians around the world lament Jesus' death on the cross yet anticipate His rising from the grave the following day. The unique position of Holy Saturday makes it extremely relevant to everyday life here in 2010 because it parallels our current position between Christ's first coming and His promise to come again. In just 24 short hours today, the concentration of emotions and reflections culminate together and explode in a celebration of faithful deliverance on Easter. What a great foreshadow of what is yet to come, though I have reason to suspect that His second coming will outdo and overshadow (though we will not forget) the very thing we have the honor of rejoicing over tomorrow...

How much more will we have to celebrate when Jesus comes back to reign on the New Earth as King for all eternity, putting to rest in His perfect justice all of the pain and suffering one final time, never to stain God's perfect (re-)creation again!

Check out Jeremy Riddle's version of "How He Loves" on his MySpace (free).
It's an incredible song, powerfully and beautifully sung.


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