Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finite or Infinite?

Knowing God is quite an experience, let me tell you. It's not your typical relationship. In fact, sometimes it feels like less of a relationship and more like a journey. Maybe that's because the word "relationship" seems too narrow to describe what it's like to know God. It feels like I'm stuffing a month's worth of clothes into a small duffel bag.

It's a good thing, though - knowing God. I love the mystery and surprises that come with discovering God. I'm a counselor by profession and by nature, which means I think very analytically and am always trying to understand.  This works great in my job, but can become quite frustrating when applying this to God. Like I said, though, knowing God is a good thing.

How boring would it be if people could "figure out" God? We probably would've done that a long time ago and moved on. Some people would've written about it and maybe today we'd enjoy a good book on the subject. But it certainly wouldn't truly mean anything to us.

May it never be so with God! One thing I find most exciting - and often times comforting - is that no matter how hard I try, I never run out of things to know about God. I'm so grateful that His ways are higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:8-9), because I would have such little faith. My life would be so meaningless. The richness of living is so utterly dependent upon and founded in the everlasting love and knowledge of God. Anything less... would simply be human!


Jennifer said...

and isn't it also so amazing how Intelligent our God is, like just as an example he designed the Bible as a guide for how we should live and what happens when we don't, to tell us all about his love and his light. But its also worded in a way that each scripture can mean something completely different each time we read it depending on what we need from God at that time. And then something different for someone else depending on what they need.

I was reading Job 38, THE whole chapter was a complete reminder that I am so small, and My God is so big, but it also made me really open my eyes to just how wondrous and powerful he is and the intelligence that I am sure he blessed us all with since we were made in his Image.. if only we could learn to use it and be more like him. I mean when I read this scripture it truly had tears swelling up in my eyes I was a little child in awe of my Father.. In fact I think I should write about it and post it to my blogs.. hey, I always enjoy reading what you have to say, you are a Blessing!

Aaron said...

It is! The Bible is such a great representation of who God is, just as you mentioned. I'm so glad to hear how God is touching you and drawing you to Himself... and you're responding obediently! Praise God!

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