Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter to my Savior

Dear God,

Thank you for creating such a wondrous, beautiful world that reflects you. Thank you that you did not hold back but made incredible mountains, deep valleys, vast oceans, diverse plants and animals, and even us, whom you gave all these things to.

Thank you for sustaining everything by the power of your Word.

Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you that when you gave us everything we could ever need and we chose to reject you, you were patient with us and promised us a permanent fix to the problem of our rebellious hearts. You knew our need before we did and you met it in your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your infinitely better plan for salvation than ours. Thank you that when you came to save us but we rejected your plan because we thought ours was what we needed, that you willingly died on the cross anyway.

Thank you for sticking with your original plan for Creation. Thank you for using our mistakes to write the most amazing, beautiful, redemptive love story in all of history - that your love is the story of history. Thank you for giving us a taste of your infinite love, and for creating us to desire you in return.

Thank you for your promise of eternal life and redemption of the world. Thank you for not settling for simply "fixing" but for destroying so that you could rebuild everything perfectly, though we struggle to understand this.

Thank you for being God; there is no one else capable or worthy except you.

Your son,


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