Friday, November 6, 2009

Jesus Came To Serve

I wrote an article for Griff Lindell over at his blog on Thoughts About Leadership.He was kind enough to let me Guest Blog there. He's got a blog that's full of biblical insight on leadership. As I was reading some of his posts, I was listening to the radio and... well, you'll just have to read the article below.

Servants and Leaders 
A few weeks ago I was listening to a Christian radio station, and one of the DJ’s was talking about servant-leadership. What he said struck me and I’ve not been able to let it out of my mind ever since. He said that there are so many books out there on servant-leadership, but very few people write about simply being a servant – which is what Jesus said He came to be in Mark 10: 43-45.

To be sure, I did an search on several keywords or phrases such as “servant leader,” “leadership,” “servant,” and “be a servant.” Here’s what I found:

  • Most of the books on servant-leadership were newer books, written/published within the past 10 years or so
  • Many servant-leadership book titles tended to focus on leading others through being a servant 
  • Books on servanthood or being a servant were generally much older and tended to be heart-focused or on developing godly characteristics 
  • There were many books in the “servant” search category that also included the term “leadership” 
Who cares about book titles and what does it matter anyway? 
The point is that when we focus on leadership and greatness like the disciples did (Mark 9:34, Mark 10: 35-37, and Luke 22:24), we lose sight of what God has called us to.

Our culture is rich with messages telling us that leadership is desirable and a sign of success. Leadership itself is not a bad thing, it can be a good thing, but it is not the best thing according to Jesus. True greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven and discipleship is comprised of humble and loving service. We should be setting our sights on meeting the needs of others through service, sacrifice, and humility. In this way, we edify and exhort others while glorifying God’s name.

This is to be our primary concern, even above leading others because when it is reversed, it becomes too easy to get caught in the snares of self-glory and pride. However, when our own desires become second to the needs of others, those sinful tendencies become exposed and refined in the fire.

So what do you desire?
If you follow Jesus, your answer is to “be slave of all,” (Mark 10:44). Make being a servant your heart’s true passion and let God do the leading; He is more qualified and more experienced anyway.


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