Sunday, November 15, 2009

Humility Week 3: Trusting God

This past week was quite a roller coaster. My schedule and routine were interrupted, which really threw me off. I didn't feel quite "right" or "myself" because of this. However, part way through the week I realized it and wondered to myself why it had to be like this. The answer, as usual, was me.

Knowing God
So there is important distinction I've learned this week as I continue my 60 Days of Humility. But first, let me explain the first variable - knowing God.

As part of my journey, I have been spending more time in the Word and meditating on it throughout the day because I desire to know Him more. The danger, though, has made itself apparent to me because of God's grace. Striving to know God, for me, can easily turn into idol worship; God becomes less of a relationship and more of a project.

Trusting God
The distinction is this: knowing God does not equate to trusting Him. Though I may grow in my knowledge of Him and deepen our relationship, it is an entirely different thing to put my trust in Him; to take Him at His word despite the circumstances or my own insecurities.

After studying and writing my post on Jesus being a servant, I think my pride snuck back in. If I serve, won't I get taken advantage of? What about my needs and desires? Essentially, I was telling God that I didn't trust Him to take care of my needs, and that I needed to take the steering wheel back.

Really, though, what would happen if I truly served others without concern for my own needs? Theoretically (and according to God's Word), I would become more like Him. Wait... isn't that my ultimate goal anyway?

Imitating Christ's Humility
I need to get back to Christ's humility (Philippians 2:1-4). Paul's other letters were so rich and clear with the interest of others for God's glory because he got it. Jesus got it. I need to get it, too: God will take care of me if I give Him my full trust.


Jennifer said...

I think helping others (or serving) is something you should be passionate about, otherwise will you stick to it? or will you only serve for a short time before falling back into your normal routine.Passion drive us, find where your passion is,what tugs at that heart of yours? then serve!

Aaron said...

I totally agree. I enjoy it now, but I'm not passionate like I would like to be. At least not in ALL areas of my life. But you're totally right about not sticking to something if you don't desire it. That's something only God can do in me, which I'm praying for.

Thanks for your insights and comments, Jennifer. I'm definitely inspired and encouraged by you!

Jennifer said...

aww well, then just maybe thats my job here on this earth to inspire and encourage. it seems to be easier to do for others rather then myself, but I have enjoyed your blog post, it happens to inspire and encourage also, if I can figure out how to follow your blog, i will...

Aaron said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I look forward to more virtual conversations here!

Jennifer said...

you really are going to hate hearing form me soon.. cause I dont shut up!! lol

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