Monday, November 9, 2009

Humility Week 2: Perfection

I've completed two weeks of this journey in humility, and I am so thankful for God's guidance and wisdom. His light is shining in my heart and life, revealing stuff that needs to be brought to the light. I hope that my journey encourages you to continue on in yours, all for the glory of God.

Created Perfect
Let's go ahead and put it out there: I want to be perfect. We all do; God created us this way. Being created in His image, though, did not mean we were perfect apart from Him or perfect on our own. We reflect who He is while in perfect relationship with Him - no sin or curse standing between us.

Sin is sneaky and has its way of deceiving us. Like many, I've known that I am not and cannot be perfect. Through Jesus I can be, we all know, but sin often creeps in here. At least I've realized it had for me. The deception is that this perfection becomes mine - the sin of pride. The subtle but significant reality is that I am not perfect, nor can I ever be apart from God. Jesus Christ enables me to be perfect through the Power of the Holy Spirit, but I can still never claim it as my own. It belongs to God alone.

Reconciliation: Faith
I've come to realize that God has given me a desire to be good, capable, and perfect, and that because of Him I want to do good things for Him. However, in order to have total commitment (faith) in Him, I must rest in the understanding that all the corruption of sin is within me and that I cannot be anything apart from Him. The impossible task of perfection it outside of my reach, and the only way to obtain it is by resting in God's perfection. By doing this I find peace, comfort, and relief because I don't have to carry that burden or be held to that high standard that is impossible to achieve. The only thing I can do is abide in God; He exalts me and does what I cannot do (Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 37:3-6).

Here are a couple songs about this message that you might enjoy:
Aaron Shust - To God Alone ( song)
Natalie Grant - Perfect People (YouTube video)


Jennifer said...

just my thought sorry if I comment on all your post.. i have something to say about most things

Aaron said...

Ahhh, yes. I've often thought the same thing. I really like the analogy you used; it totally works. I think if most people thought of sin that way, we'd all have a new outlook on life. That's one thing I really admire about the recovery community.

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