Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Humility Week 1: Relationship with God

The first week of a focus on humility is in the books, and God has already blessed me more than I expected. The most basic thing I've been learning is that relationship is a huge component of humility.

What is a relationship with God?
I've known God for several years and have trusted Him in many aspects of my life. I've prayed, read my Bible, and participated in fellowship at church. None of these things, however, are relationship with God. Even while doing these things, the Spirit has revealed to me how shallow my relationship was because of my lack of commitment and faith.

Relationship with God is not a human relationship. It is the first relationship we ever entered into by virtue of being created, and we reflect the image of the Triune God who is relationship by character. Relationship with God is intimate, deeply personal, constant, unceasing, and all-consuming. It's being broken me in perfect Him, and requires full faith in who He is.

How do we have relationship with God?
This week as I've attempted to commit my every thought and surrender my every desire to God, I have gotten a taste of who God created me to be - always in communion with Him, doing everything for His glory. It's not a part-time job or a 60-day program. It's giving all of me - my whole life - back to God. In this exchange, Jesus' love on the cross and my response, I have relationship with God. As I keep His at the forefront of my mind I abide in Him, in constant prayer and gratitude, offering myself to Him in everything I do. This is the only thing God desires from us, and the only thing worthy of bringing to His throne.

Relationship and humility
The result of this relationship is true humility: God is rightfully on His throne and I am humbly bowed at His feet. He enables me to worship Him in everything I do, becoming glorified and exalted through me. This has been the greatest joy of my life and I'm already seeing how this relationship of humility is making me more like Jesus.

Here is an (updated) version of one of my favorite songs, "Humble King." It artistically and passionately sums up this idea of humility in relationship with God. I hope it inspires and encourages you as it has for me.


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