Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is "Trutheran" Christianity?

I've been writing on this blog for some time now, but I don't think I've actually defined what I mean by "Trutheran" Christianity. Well, I'm here to clarify and hopefully delineate what it is and is not.

What "Trutheran" Christianity Is Not
First and foremost, it is not a trend or a following. In fact, it's actually a response to "emergent," postmodern, hipster trends in Christianity that water it down, minimize its truth, and succumb to social/cultural pressures in order to gain greater church attendance numbers. The result is disastrous: confused followers who know very little about their faith, continue living as though unchanged by the Gospel, and ultimately ineffective at bringing the incredible message of Jesus to the world.

It is also not "religion" in the sense we tend to understand it today. By that I mean that it is not reduced to a set of rules people are supposed to follow, a list of to-do's in order to be saved, or some kind of quota that must be filled in order to be categorized as "a good person." All of these strip the meaning and purpose of Christianity in order to create a self-fulfilling institution.

What "Trutheran" Christianity Is
It is a term that I created to describe an earnet way of following Jesus, founded in a biblical worldview, informed and defined by scripture, in order to effectively (though not always accepted by the broader culture) bring the message of the Gospel to a world that needs it.

It is a Christian life based on God's will, not our own, that is constituted of self-discipline, sacrifice, peace, grace and mercy, and most of all love - some of the characters that describe and define God Himself. "Trutheran" Christianity is following Jesus in such a way that changes followers to become more like Christ.

At its core, it is orthodox Christian doctrine the way Jesus understood it and His disciples established the original church. At least that's its intent; whether or not I (as a follower) am able to fully understand and live my life accordingly is my responsibility, and I certainly don't have all the answers at this point.

My Aim
All of this may sound nice, but honestly it's nothing new and certainly nothing I've created. It is simply my way of describing a genuine Christian faith as I understand it so far based on what God has revealed in His Word. I realize it may change - and should change - as I grow and change. But the basic principles should ultimately stay the same, because God Himself never changes and He is the destination of my journey.

With that, my aim is to challenge and be challenged, to explore and discover truth, to be shaped and molded, to encourage and inspire, and to teach and learn more about who God is, what I am, and what His purpose is for life. Humbly, I admit that I may be flawed but as long as I stay the course living a "Trutheran" Christian life, God will always be faithful in redirecting me back to Him.


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