Monday, October 26, 2009

Prayer for Baby Griff

My wife's cousin, baby Griffin (Griff), is seriously ill. He has cephalitis - inflammation in his brain and nerve tissue in the back, lower part of his brain - and is unresponsive. He has a twin sister, Sabine, who is also sick hopefully with just a cold or a treatable flu. The family will be setting aside time at 12noon PST today (in about one hour from now) to pray together for baby Griff.

This post is a call to all believers to pray for this little baby and his family. Let us pray unceasingly today that God will heal this baby and bring restoration and peace to his family. Let us pray with faith that God has the power to do all things, because of His demonstration of this power and faithfulness on the cross. We know that Jesus overcame death to give us life, so let us pray with this hope. And finally, let us pray for baby Griff's family, that those who do not know the love and faithfulness of God will come to rest in Him through this difficult time.

Randy Alcorn has recently released a book on this topic - If God is Good. If you are going through a similar struggle, please take some time to read this book or at least check out Randy's Q&A video on the subject.

UPDATE 10/26/09 10:07pm
The power of God is amazing! As we were all praying together at noon today, God was hard at work listening and answering because at 12:33pm baby Griff showed his first signs of improvement since this all started last Thursday! He lifted one arm, reached to put his pacifier in his mouth, and also started crying (all separate events just after 12:33pm)! How amazing is our God! David had it right in Psalm 18:6!

UPDATE 10/28/09 8:24am
Griff is doing slightly better - enough to move him out of the Pediatric ICU and to the "regular" Pediatric floor of the hospital. He still has his IVs, his naso-gastric tube, is not responsive to sight or sound, and does not do a whole lot. On occasion he will cry or put a hand up and wave or put his pacifier in and out. That's about it. But apparently they don't think he will die, so have moved him out of ICU. He's still in need of prayer for continued healing, wisdom for the doctors, and comfort and truth for his family as they adjust to this life of uncertainty.

UPDATE 10/28/09 2:07pm
Griff's twin sister is looking pretty depressed without her mommy, daddy, and baby brother around. She's also been sick with a low grade fever, but seems to be doing okay. Griff had a good night. He sits upright with little support and holds his head up well. It seems like he's maybe seeing shadows or sensing someone standing in front of him. He had 2 doses of Solu-medrol added so tonight will be the end of his IV drug therapy. Prayers are needed for continued recovery and strength as he comes off the IV drug therapy. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! God is a great God and His people are faithful because of His love!

UPDATE 10/30/09 8:32am
Yesterday morning Griff regressed. The doctors increased his anti-seizure medication and by the afternoon he seemed to be back in an "up" state. He was very OVER hyped and all over the place crazy - snuggly, cuddly, playing, pulling himself up, crashing. A very unnatural state but at least it is UP for now. Family suspects that Griff may have been seizuring in the morning. Please continue to pray as God's work is still needed and opportunities for those who do not know Him to turn their hearts toward Him are still abundant. God is faithful and we pray for His name to be glorified in this situation.

UPDATE 11/2/09 7:40am
Griff was discharged from the hospital yesterday!!!! He will continue taking antiseizure medications and a steroid taper for at least 6 weeks. He will see the pediatrician today and will follow up with the neurologist in 3 weeks. At some point, he'll go to rehab but if he continues at his current rate of recovery it may not be necessary. He is still a bit shaky and a little unsteady on his feet but he seems to be adapting really well. Both he and his sister, Bean, are excited to be reunited and get back to playing together. What an incredible answer to prayer and a testament to God's love and faithfulness!


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