Thursday, October 1, 2009

60 Days... Part Deux

I've been thinking about this more and talking to some people since committing myself to 60 Days of Humility. I wanted to share some of those things that have come up:
  • When pride is found, I want to immediately name it, confess it to God, and ask for forgiveness to anyone I've hurt as a result of it.
  • I want to increase my awareness of God's presence, so while I'm surrendering myself to Him I also want to be more accurately identifying His goodness in and around me (rather than incorrectly taking credit or giving credit to others).
  • I also want to increase my awareness of sin in my life, and how inescapable it is. This means avoiding believing the lie that my act of humility and surrender is the glorious part. Instead, I want to fully realize that I cannot achieve purity or righteousness, but can only choose to surrender my sinful desires to God who purifies me.
  • Every day as I reflect, I want to make the central theme or purpose the anticipation of Jesus - the Messiah and Savior who forgives my sins. I want this to build a discipline of desiring Him, focusing on His second coming, and making Him my satisfaction.
I'm thinking that I will probably only publicly blog once a week on this, but I'm hoping to journal daily offline. I want to make sure that I'm listening more than talking, and only sharing what God has refined and approved.
    If you have any other ideas, concerns, suggestions, comments, or any other form of feedback for me on this, I welcome it - just post in the comments section below! Today is October 1st, so I've only got 23 days left until this begins. I'm actually looking forward to what God has in store for me...


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