Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The Faith" Book Review

I just finished this book and have to say it is, without a doubt, a must-read for all Christians. It's the kind of book that gets you fired up about your faith simply by helping you understand what it is you believe (or don't, but really should re-think that...) and why it's important.

Colson (and Fickett) present orthodox Christianity in an appealing, truth-oriented fashion that is free from modern interpretations and explain why every Christian must hold to the same truths. Colson's explanations are rich with illustrative stories from his Prison Fellowship ministry and also from American history, making it a practical and meaningful read.

The book is divided into two parts - God and the Faith, and the Faith and Life. The former outlines the importance of a theology based in the Biblical revelation of who God is as carried out for so many centuries before us. He often takes time to address key modern atheist authors and points of view, such as postmodernism and tolerance, and how adhering to those worldviews destroys the effectiveness of the faith. While he doesn't go into great detail to reply to every argument against orthodox Christianity, there are definitely enough apologetics to get you thinking more critically about your faith.

The latter part then addresses the human aspect of theology - who we are, what our place is in God's plan, how God has redeemed us, and how all of those true beliefs impact our current mission in life to bring God's love and healing to the world. For those of us who love exploring truth and what the raw, deep-down, innate meaning of life is, The Faith gives radical (by today's standards) explanations that ultimately leave you satisfied, motivated to abide in Christ with more discipline, and bring that incredible message to everyone you know.

I'll be honest, though. This book doesn't teach anything new or that I didn't already know before. But that's because the authors aren't trying to mold God into modern societal social practices; they are arguing for the return of Christians to the fundamental truths early Christians lived and preached because of the transforming message of Jesus Christ. In other words, the book helps you take off the lenses that American society has given so that you can remember the worldview of faith that is true - unchangeable by man, yet deeply changeable within every man.

You can find The Faith by Colson and Fickett right here on Amazon.

I'm adding images because they're what this book makes me think of. If you've ever seen The Matrix, when Neo finally "gets it" he sees the Matrix as it is and fully realizes who he is and the power he has. This is analogous to how I feel after reading this book - my eyes have been opened and I can see the world correctly, allowing me to live more faithfully (and allowing God to do His work in my life).


ellentopness said...

One part of my mind says "read this book" because you sound so excited about it, and I love to find new books that motivate and encourage. The other part questions if I'm up to being told what is wrong with me, with us, and how to fix it. (read my newest blog for a bit more on that).

All I know is I love reading your blog.

Aaron said...

Thank you, Ellen. I love reading yours, too!

You should definitely read this book. It's not so much that it "tells you what to do" as much as it reminds you how to think. It redirects your mind to the truth about God, Creation, me/us/humankind, Jesus, and life. This worldview shift is the "fix" because, once realize, it demands surrender to God for healing, comfort, and power. Simply being in His presence becomes sufficient, just as Phil Wickham says in his song Divine Romance.

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