Friday, July 24, 2009

The Sinner & The Savior

Lately I've been caught up in two pieces of my Christian life - the sinner and the savior. I think it's because I've been reading The Faith by Chuck Colson, and really thinking hard about who God is and who I am in relation to Him. My thoughts turn to what a terrible person I am without Him, and how many mistakes I make in life. I'm completely humbled, in comparison with Holy God, and realize my desperate state. Lyrics such as "What can take a dying man and raise him up to life again? What can heal the wounded soul? What can make us white as snow? What can fill our emptiness? What can mend our brokenness?" remind me of my hopeless state.

... which is always followed with my need for a Savior! One of the songs that's been in my head/heart lately is "I'd Need A Savior" by Among The Thirsty. God's incredible power to take away my worthlessness, give me value through Jesus, and fill me with the Holy Spirit is such a powerful experience. I feel completely transformed, ready to worship Him with all of me. It's such a beautiful thing that God rescued me - I could never forget it, and I can never repay that debt. My life is owed to Him, and He is worthy!

Here are a couple meaningful songs that relate to this:


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